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Topic: toshiba satelite 1800-804 and giga studio

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    toshiba satelite 1800-804 and giga studio

    hello i am a new user here
    can anyone help me?
    i try to install the giga studio into toshiba satelite 1800-804 and after the installation when i try to open the giga a window says to me
    \'u dont have a giga-compatible audio card\'
    what can i do?
    (except the solution of external audiocard is there any other solution?
    thank u

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    Re: toshiba satelite 1800-804 and giga studio

    This is depending on wether you use Gigastudio or the older Gigasampler and on your OS.
    I got the old Gigasampler to work on a laptop running Win98SE with a built-in soundcard with directsound-drivers.
    I believe Win 2k/XP does not support directsound so you probably need to get a soundcard with proper GSIF-drivers.
    Also the harddrives in laptops are mostly too slow with too high seek-times to push the Gigastudio to its limits. But there are users getting nice results with GS on top-end laptops.

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