Hello all,

I\'ve got an Echo Mia card, and I need to find a way to mix down my giga sequences and DXi/VST sequences to audio tracks.

One of the joys of the Soundblaster Live! is the ability to record midi into audio internally, or mix down midi and audio at the same time. With my Mia, I\'m not sure if this is possible. The Mia has 4 stereo pairs of virtual outputs; now to all you Mia users out there, is there a way to record Giga/VST stuff to audio interally, without routing outside of the physical outputs?

Also, for anyone with a SDPIF i/o on their cards: is it possible to route the SPDIF output right back into the SPDIF input and record without any feedback weirdness? I\'m thinking this could be a way to record Giga/VST stuff into audio.

Any suggestions/solutions? I\'m using Sonar 2.0, btw.

Thanks in advance!