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Topic: serious ST audio DSP24 value problem...

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    serious ST audio DSP24 value problem...

    I\'m having a weird problem. I hear the windows 98 sounds (chords and dings), but not any other sounds. When trying play wav file, all I hear is some pops sometimes. I\'m also using gigastudio 96 for composing and no midi sounds. Tried to listen Logic sountrack24\'s demo and no sounds. All SHOULD be alright, but this probles drives me mad! Is my problem a software or hardware?

    Please help me! Thank you...

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    Re: serious ST audio DSP24 value problem...

    Windows sounds come out of the mini-jack, gigastudio out of the phono jacks. Also check the settings on the internal mixer - I assume you have set up the hardware settings as per the manual. Use mixer out at the left bottom of the internal mixer panel. Craig

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    Re: serious ST audio DSP24 value problem...

    Thanks for your reply! I know what my problem was. All I have to is connect my hifi thru RCA out. Only problem is that I have to find some good wires somewhere. Never used RCA before...

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