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Topic: Audiophile multitrack recording

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    Audiophile multitrack recording

    Hi everyone,
    I am a happy Giga user, successfully using the Audiophile card to play my many piano libraries.

    I have just started to do multitrack recording (in Cool Edit) and am having difficulty setting the Delta control panel\'s Patchbay/Router settings.
    My problem is that I record track 1 , then when I record track 2, what i recorded on track 1, re-records to track 2. I need to be able to monitor my track 1 recording, but don\'t want it on track 2....
    I have spoken to the Cool Edit people who say the problem is in my Delta control panel settings. I have also emailed M Audio, without a reply.
    If anyone is using an Audiophile for Multi track recording, I would be forever greatful if they could let me know their control panel settings.

    (I am recording from my midi keyboard, via a 12 channel analog mixer, to the Audiophile inputs. The outputs go to Mackie HR824\'s)

    Many thanks


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    Re: Audiophile multitrack recording

    Hi Mal7,

    I don\'t use CoolEdit, I\'m a CakeWalk sort of guy...

    To record track one I presume you firstly arm the track then thrash away on your keyboard?

    To record track two you must firstly dis-arm track one then arm track two. You will be able to monitor the first track but it won\'t record onto the second. That\'s how it works in CW, hope it does the same for you in CoolEdit. [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: Audiophile multitrack recording

    Thanks for the response.
    I do disarm track 1 when I record track 2, but track 1 still gets re-recorded to track 2. The same thing happens in other Audio programs, so the problem is definitely in Delta control panel routings.
    Anyone using Audiophile for multitrack recording, who could give me their control panel settings....pleeeeeese

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    Re: Audiophile multitrack recording

    I think you need to set the record source in Cool Edit to something other than the mixer in Audiophile. Otherwise your previous recordings will be played via the wave-outs in the mixer.
    At least under Win XP you can set up the Audiophile to use outputs 1,2 for Gigastudio and 3,4 for other applications.
    I think using a sequencer for recording is a bit easier, normally no problems with monitoring/recording. You just set up a number of midi-tracks to play correspondent instruments in Gigastudio.

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    Re: Audiophile multitrack recording

    Thanks for your input, but surely someone must be doing multitrack recording successfully with Audiophile/Cool Edit. I am going crazy trying to work this out....

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