Man, I\'m going INSANE...I just bought a new PC ( PIII500, Asus P3B-F motherboard, Acer 50 x cd rom, 128 Mb ram ). Everything seems to work fine BUT the S-convert does not see 50 % of my Akai CD rom and it keeps crashing when it cannot find the CD.
I went out and bought another CD-rom ( Asus 50x ) on the recommandation of the Giga rep who came to town for a seminar. SAME problem. This is VERY agrevating.
Out of desperation, I took an old cd-ro from my 486 Matsu****a 4x ) and it read ALL my Akai cd from ths S-convert utility !!!
Are there any modern CD rom that will work 100 % with s-convert ????