I am using an echo gina 20-bit audio card with GS and cubase. GS and Cubase are both on the same machine (Win XP, 1gb DD Ram, XP1800+ AMD, ABIT - VIA Chip Set)

I can record and playback midi with no problems. However I don\'t seem to be recording anything when I export wav files and then play them back.

What could the problem be???...when I export audio, I hear it playing back as it says it is exporting yet when I go to playback the audio file in either soundrecords or importing back into an audio channel on cubase, that I hear nothing and it looks like there was nothing recorded in my .wav file?!

If I import an MP3 into cubase it plays back with no problems. Yet, I don\'t seem to be able to record or record .wav or create MP3s with my present system set up.

I feel I am missing something MAJOR and probably VERY simple - I am very embarassed to ask but have spent so long faffing around with it that I am at a loss.