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Topic: M Audio Tech support stinks

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    M Audio Tech support stinks


    This company is a horror.

    I have used Delta 66 with Omni I/O since it came out.

    It has been almost impossible to get a human on the phone over there when I have had a problem.

    God forbid this gear doesn\'t work and you need tech support...Forget it.

    Anyone else had this happen with MidiMan (I mean people that have had a problem needing tech support and not getting it)?

    I am happily waiting on the phone as I write this...26 minutes and enjoying the lovely music while on hold...Who needs to record anyway.

    I don\'t sound annoyed do I?

    Mom told me to wear clean underwear, stay in school and buy a Mac...If only I had listened.

    Pro Tools here I come.

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    Re: M Audio Tech support stinks

    Add TASCAM/NEMESYS. They suck big time too!

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    Re: M Audio Tech support stinks

    I would add Creative and Sonic Implants

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    Re: M Audio Tech support stinks

    Let me direct you to this post on the very same issue.


    These people are ridiculous. I can\'t believe they\'re still in business.

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