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Topic: DSP24 value card - any experience?

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    DSP24 value card - any experience?

    I\'m just about to buy this card and wondered whether anyone has had much experience with it. It seems similar to the C-Port but without the hardware interface and has virtual drivers instead for a total of 10 in and 10 out. My aim is to have control of different reverbs on the different outputs in Giga studio.

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    Re: DSP24 value card - any experience?

    hi Craig
    Thanks for the Mahler record info.

    I have a C-Port but is not too familiar
    with the DSP24 value - One thing I do know
    is that its not expandable, so you might
    wanne consider buying the DSP24 instead.
    It\'s only a few bucks more and you then have
    the option of connecting all sorts of
    Hoontech boxes like the DSP2000 later on.

    I\'m not sure though, if the internal converters on the DSP24 are quite as good as
    the ones on the DSP24 Value.


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    Re: DSP24 value card - any experience?

    I would nort recommend to use the DSP24 without the break out box. The on board Audio output does not come from the low latency 24/96 envy chip, but from a cheap AC97 codec. This codec is nice to have as an (almost free) addon bt I would not recommend to use it instead of the main Audio Chip on the card.

    best regards


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    Re: DSP24 value card - any experience?

    Thanks Andreas,
    Went and bought it before your message. The manual states its only the normal PC audio functions that use the AC-97 codec through different physical outputs and inputs. The other mixer is seperate. You can use the 10 virtual channels for the GIGA studio or you can route the stereo out of the mixer to CUBASE, LOGIC, CAKEWALK etc for simultaneous playback and recording. Pity its only ony stereo pair but it\'s not an expensive card.

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