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Topic: M-Audio support, any replies?

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    M-Audio support, any replies?

    I sent an email to M-Audio support a week ago and never got a reply. I was reading a lot of posts about the Audiophile saying that they never recieved a reply.

    Has ANYONE ever gotten a reply from tech support at M-Audio? If not, we should report them to the Better Business Bureau or something. This is ridiculous.

    All these people with pops and clicks and various other problems, and they won\'t even help.

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    Re: M-Audio support, any replies?

    I have written to them using their web-email form three times. Last one was around 2 months ago. Never got an answer. Great guys. I won\'t buy more from them.

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    Re: M-Audio support, any replies?

    Have you tried calling them. what problem are you having. I have a delta 66 and omnistudio. Works great maybe i can help.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: M-Audio support, any replies?

    A laundry list of problems, I\'m afraid.
    Pops and clicks on wav playback.
    Static in any audio I record using Sonar.
    Pops and click in Gigastudio.

    I could go on.

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    Re: M-Audio support, any replies?

    Try disabling USB and see if that helps.

    -- Martin

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    Re: M-Audio support, any replies?

    Finally got a reply from them, once I threatened legal action. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    They said they lost a bunch of emails in a server upgrade. Must have been a LONG server upgrade since people have been complaining about no replies for years.

    Anyway, it didn\'t matter since I fixed the problem myself, by switching to a non-VIA motherboard.

    I will never buy anything from this company again, though, I can promise you that.

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    Re: M-Audio support, any replies?

    I emailed M audio tech support a week ago....still no response.
    It\'s a wonder they can run a business like that!

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    Re: M-Audio support, any replies?

    Don\'t hold me to this, but I think there\'s at least one M-Audio support guy that regularly visits the AVS.com forums. You might want to check there.

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