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Topic: Mia/midi noise issue

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    Re: Mia/midi noise issue

    Switched through a soundblaster and I get the same thud. Something in the background, Windows setting, that is possibly causing this? Is this inherent in Midi? Thanks.

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    Re: Mia/midi noise issue

    I have a soundblaster live on my other machine and I had noise too whenever I clicked the mouse or someting. I discovered
    that it was the CDROM that was causing it.
    I just switched off the CD in the Soundblaster mixer, and it went away.
    Maybe you have the same thing going on - try
    checking if you have any input from your CD
    going through your internal mixer.


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    Mia/midi noise issue

    I have Mia working great, but I get a quick, low, very faint thud-like echo after a key stroke. Also a short, slight high pitched noise, usually after a chord strike. Can\'t really hear it in the mix, but it bugs just the same. Sounds are off in Windows, sample rate locked. Suggestions? Thanks.

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