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Topic: WaMi Rack 24 drivers

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    WaMi Rack 24 drivers

    Has anybody tried out the new 3.51 E-WDM drivers for WaMi Rack 24, has very nice internal patchbay called direct wire.
    Whats your experienc? Some feedback whould be nice.

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    Re: WaMi Rack 24 drivers

    Hi flames,

    I installed the new drivers - a bit glitchy at first. The best part was not having to reset the GSIF switch upon reboot. The patchbay is cool, too.
    I had a wierd problem though. I tried to convert an AKAI disc in GS160 and my system would either BSOD or restart. Couldn\'t launch Norton - same problem. The only thing that had changed in my system was the WamiRack driver. I went back to 3.1 and everything is fine...YMMV

    Anyone else this problem?


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