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Topic: What's the best sound card for GigaStudio?

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    What\'s the best sound card for GigaStudio?

    I want to know that\'s the best sound card (with lower latency) in the market?

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    Re: What\'s the best sound card for GigaStudio?

    First, it should be GSIF compatible (see hardware requirements under \"products\" at www.nemesysmusic.com).

    Then it all depends on your purpose for using GS and on your set up. Lots of other modules and a hardware mixer? How many digital ins and outs will you need ? How many analog ins and outs ? How many MIDI connections and what kind of interface? There are many variables here. Everybody\'s set up is different and you FIRST have to zero in on the GSIF compatible card or cards that accomodate the particular connections you\'ll need. THEN you can start to zero in on low latency issues which still aren\'t JUST a card issue. -LifeForce

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    Re: What\'s the best sound card for GigaStudio?

    I just need one stereo output, 1 midi keyboard connected, tecnically I need a sound card for a live sampler with my PC

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    Re: What\'s the best sound card for GigaStudio?

    I have a very simple Win98se set up (but with two fast hard drives) and use the TerraTec EWX2496 card because:

    1) Its GSIF compatible.
    2) Its cheap ! (around $179)
    3) It has a midi adapter for my keyboard as well as one pair of analog ins, one pair of analog outs, one digital in and one digital out.

    If your set up is simple too you might want to check it out. -LifeForce

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    Re: What\'s the best sound card for GigaStudio?

    That one sounds good, and what about a DSP sound card like creamware luna II. Do I need DSP\'s ?

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    Re: What\'s the best sound card for GigaStudio?

    You might want to look at the M-Audio 2496 and the Echo Mia also. I have the M-Audio and it works a treat.

    These and the card mentioned already by Lifeforce are around the same price. For a simple system, all you need is a compatible card and a midi interface (built into the M-Audio). As long as it\'s GSIF compatible that\'s the most important thing. Without the right drivers, you may suffer a lot of latency.

    You don\'t need DSP\'s with Giga. Fast (and wide) hard disk, powerful processor, plenty of RAM, the right drivers, and a little luck and you should be good to go.

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    Re: What\'s the best sound card for GigaStudio?

    I am using Audiophile 2496, with the latest drivers. Mainly use it for EW Steinway B, with \"fair\" latency performance on a P111 IGhz and 512 Mb ram.
    Is there any card out there which would give better latency? Or is it just a matter of tweaking to improve latency...

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    Re: What\'s the best sound card for GigaStudio?

    Ok, it\'s true you maybe don\'t need DSP, but it is still helpfull. Anyway, for your latency issues, i use luna2 in XP with latency set to 3ms, rock solid with 150 notes of polyphony. And i have 32 gsif output, each individually mixed in the luna mixer with realtime dsp effect (which beat the crap outta MOST native effects available btw).

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    Re: What\'s the best sound card for GigaStudio?

    I have a Luna too here, and I\'m still amazed at the possibilities it offers! There are lots of good quality free dsp plug-ins, which are way more usable (read: stable) than any VST plug-ins I\'ve tried yet. But I must warn you: if you buy a Luna, you\'re exposing yourself to severe DSP addiction!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: What\'s the best sound card for GigaStudio?

    Man, you couldn\'t get any closer to real hardware synth! That\'s real hardware performance (0, like in zero latency) 32bits floating point from in to out calculation. For example of quality, go see zarg music, and listen to their examples. BTW, Zarg music is really in real life John Bowen. Which work on alot of synth for Moog, he has the main ingeneer of the Prophet series, etc, etc... You can listen to what he\'s done, and his resume to convince you of the real thing... Also, the latest Sony Oxford stuff (lot of $) is made on the same Sharc DSP as Creamware, and Sony also use Creamware developement environement for building those (as stated on Sony\'s web site). They said the sound was better on those DSPs than the motorola one\'s (protools anyone?).

    Anyway, since i got this card, i don\'t use any vsti now, maybee except some top one (NI FM7, Absynth and that\'s all), they all sound dull to me.

    Also, if you like modular stuff like reaktor, there\'s one included in Pulsar (or you can get it separatly on Luna). If you compare it to reaktor, well, reaktor is a nice \'creative\' tool in a lot of way, but for sound, damn, the Mod2 from creamware redefine the word \'phat\' ! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] No sound comparaison possible.

    If Hanz Zimmer and Jean-Michel Jarre use those synth, they must be somewhat good enough for Hollywood.

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