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Topic: Aardvark's new XP drivers

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    Aardvark\'s new XP drivers

    If you didn\'t see my previous post, go see the Aardvark site. They have posted new official XP and supposedly-better-than-WDM drivers.

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    Re: Aardvark\'s new XP drivers

    what about gsif performance? I found no mentioning of gsif!

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    Re: Aardvark\'s new XP drivers

    I like the Aardvark products but had been put off by the lack of driver support and reports of high latency (20ms range) by posters here (probably due to non-optimized drivers). Can any Aarvark users out there report to us about using these new drivers and what their latency is now? As you can get used Aardvarks pretty cheap, if these new drivers give super low latency, Aardvark may be back on the buy list. Users let us know.

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    Re: Aardvark\'s new XP drivers

    OK Mac drivers won´t be out before late summer - just talked to the guys. looks like there will never be any mac drivers. My Aark 20/20+ is posted on harmony central.
    Anyone wants to trade his Omni Studio?

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    Re: Aardvark\'s new XP drivers

    The drivers for 20/20+ on XP are not GSIF compatible yet, but they will be according to Aardvark (bottom of page):



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    Re: Aardvark\'s new XP drivers

    To those who are interested, I\'ve been playing around with the new Aardvark XP/2000 drivers on my Aark 20/20 under XP using Sonar. To sum it up in one word: Wow! 2ms latency -- I can plug in my guitar and run it through Revalver, all the while recording vocals and monitoring through the mains with compressor and reverb. If I load up on lots of DX efx, I need to bump up the latency to 3ms, but that\'s it! I have Gigastudio running on a dedicated machine because of no GSIF under XP/2000, but I don\'t worry about MIDI latency or controller density because I send it over ethernet (yeah!). This is all on a 1.2GHz Athlon, SDR RAM machine.

    Looks like it\'s time to reconfigure my studio again. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Aardvark\'s new XP drivers

    I talked to an Aardvark representative at the AES show yesterday. He told me the GSIF XP drivers had been sent over to Tascam for testing. The new drivers could possibly be out at the end of the month. Wouldn\'t that be great?


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