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Topic: Apparent Audio Hardware Conflicts

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    Apparent Audio Hardware Conflicts

    I\'m new to this board. Not sure this post belongs in this section, but will try anyway. Just bought Gigasampler LE today 4/7. Installed the product. Cannot run the MIDI loop. Get an error message. When selecting the STATUS icon on the console, get a message \"An external device or application is suing the audio hardware. Please close all devices and applications using the audio hardware before trying this command again.\" I closed all tasks except for GigaSample and Explorer. Still got this message. Reinstalled the product...still got this message. Has anyone else gotten this error condition? Without running the MIDI loop you can\'t listen to the instruments.

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    Re: Apparent Audio Hardware Conflicts

    What OS?
    Give some configuration data?

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    Re: Apparent Audio Hardware Conflicts

    I\'m running Windows 98 on a Pentium II 300 Mhz processor with 128 RAM and 30 gigabytes of hard disk space. The soundcard is a Phillips Edge card.

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