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Topic: Least expensive GSIF card?

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    Least expensive GSIF card?

    I\'m getting a 2nd giga system soon, and I\'m wondering what recommendations you all have for an inexpensive GSIF compatible card? I don\'t need multiple audio inputs or outputs. Built in midi for connecting it to my other PC would be ok, or I can get a seperate midi interface.

    I currently have an Aardvark LX6

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    Re: Least expensive GSIF card?

    My vote is any of the lower M-Audio cards.

    You might look into Terratec EWX24/96 Mastering Soundcard @ around $169.99 (musicians friend or sweetwater?). Has a 1x1 MIDI port. Includes GigaSampler LE?

    But can\'t recommend the latter on live experience, only on my own cheap research to build a second giga for a friend of mine out of my old PC parts.


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    Re: Least expensive GSIF card?

    I\'ve got the Terratec EWX2496 ($179 came with GS-Lite) and its worked out fine. Took a lot of tweaking in the beginning - but they do respond in tech support and even have a toll-free number in the US for tech support. However, I\'m still a relative newbie to GigaStudio.

    The other low price card (since low price is what we\'re talking about) that I\'ve heard more consistent good things about, than Terratec, for GS is the Echo Mia for about $199 I believe.

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    Re: Least expensive GSIF card?

    I think the cheapest GSIF card is Audiotrak
    Maya 44 (not sure what\'s the lowest price,
    about 130 usd??). It\'s only 20 bit card but
    otherwise good quality. I have heard that it works
    specially well with Sonar (bloody low latency
    1,5-3 ms).
    Hoontech DSPValue 2496 is of course very cheap alternative.
    But If I have to pick up one favourite, It\'s
    M-Audio Audiophile 2496, strong and stable
    card with excellent drivers, and has MIDI too!!!

    Marco from Finland

    [This message has been edited by marco b (edited 04-04-2002).]

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    Re: Least expensive GSIF card?

    Great! Thanks for your help. I\'ll go check these cards out and see what looks best.

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    Re: Least expensive GSIF card?

    I have the M-Audio Audiophile 2496. With no midi experience it was easy to set up and it has worked flawlessly. Pretty cheap, high-quality.

    Worth a look.

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    Re: Least expensive GSIF card?

    You might want to surf over to Sounds On Sounds: www.sospubs.co.uk and search for Echo Mia. There are a lot of VERY unhappy owners

    The Mia doesn\'t support MIDI


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    Re: Least expensive GSIF card?

    I was an extremely unhappy MIA owner. I\'m now a reasonably happy owner. I had a terrible time getting random static \"snaps\" out of multiple MIA cards. However, they now work perfectly and the sound is simply excellent. The crux of the problem turned out to be finding which PCI slot made MIA happy. Secondarily, locking the card\'s sample rate eliminated the last of the snapping sounds. Tech support was pretty good with suggestions although it was Allen at Tascam who suggested the sample rate lock (thanks, Allen!).

    I have a final gripe and a question: It seems to me that no sound card should produce any sound whatsoever before it is fully initialized and ready to go. The Echo cards in general produce horrendous snaps during bootup (I\'ve experienced this with MIA, MONA, and DARLA24). I complained about this to Echo and they said it was normal behavior. I was wondering if other cards do this or do they have muting circuitry?

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    Re: Least expensive GSIF card?

    My Aardvark LX6 does a bit of that during boot up too.

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    Re: Least expensive GSIF card?

    ooo...Bluesmeister...You\'re right on top of things as usual I see. I didnt know about those issues with Mia. Still stumblin along learning the GS basics here - a newbie who should keep his mouth shut on the cards he doesnt know about - but I seem to have the Terratec EWX2496 running really smooth now with GS96 and Win98se thanks to you and a guy named JonFairhurst - more than Terratec tech support. Theyre helpful and theyre toll free but they dont really know GS.

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