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Topic: GPO and mod wheel

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    Question GPO and mod wheel

    I am considering buying this sample library but from all the posts I have read it seems that the mod wheel is quite important. Unfortunately my midi keyboard does not have one - and although I believe you can 'turn' the knob in kontakt, this is not very practical. Does anyone know of a way around this?


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    Re: GPO and mod wheel

    You can also draw in the modwheel data in your sequencing program.

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    Re: GPO and mod wheel

    You could also insert a mod wheel event at the beginning of the sequence that gives you enough volume as a starting point.
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    Re: GPO and mod wheel

    I believe there is also a MIDI mapper plug-in on the downloads page that allows you to re-map CC1 to a different controller so if your keyboard has a pitch bend wheel, slider or knob it can be set to CC1 to act as mod wheel.

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