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Topic: GS with video and cubase

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    GS with video and cubase

    Anyone using GS with Cubase for audio sequencing and sync to avi video?

    Would it be too much for the PCI streaming? How do you allocate the harddisks? What video card would you recommend?

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    Re: GS with video and cubase


    I dont know if this helps but i use sonarxl with giga and write sfx and music to avi
    i dont have any problems. i was thinking about trying cubase but its a bit steeper in the price dept at the momment. Although the new SX version may be well worth a look.

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    Re: GS with video and cubase


    Can you tell me what video capture card or device you\'re using and do you monitor on the same screen or do you have a separate TV monitor?


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