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Topic: changing gig volumes

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    changing gig volumes

    Hi all,

    I\'m pretty new to giga and am having trouble importing from akai discs. The gigafiles that result have different volumes and some are too low to use. But when i try to change the sample voulume in the instrument editor it won\'t save my changes because it says that some regions are not mapped - but I don\'t want to remap the regions, just change the volume. How can I get around this irritation?

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    Re: changing gig volumes

    you have to make sure, that all the regions in your instrument file are mapped to a sample. If not, you cannot save the file (annoying, but true).
    A simple strategy is to mark all the regions and to map any sample to them in one go.

    You cannot increase the volume of an instrument. If your instrument is to low, you need to change the volume of the wave file. You can e.g. load them into sample-wrench, mark the whole wave and maximize the volume (there is a function in the menue of sample-wrench).

    Another reason why the volume could be too low is that you use a nonlinear curve in the velocity-response. Low velocities might result in a very low volume. Try reducing the dynamic to \"low\"-level or change to a linear velocity-curve.

    Another idea could be that the attenuation-level of the region is set to another level than zero. Attenuation reduces the volume level. Check attenuation.

    You should not have a problem with volume in any configuration if check the above features. There are few samples that have soft contours and always sound low in an ensemble. Here the mix-volume is the final way to go.

    Hope that helps.

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