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Topic: Using a GM sample library to listen to .mid files with GS96

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    Using a GM sample library to listen to .mid files with GS96

    Hi there - GS96 newbie using a Terratec EWX 2496 card in my trusty Win98se P3-550 256ram PC.

    Today\'s puzzling question: This soundcard doesnt have a wavetable synth. So I\'ve got no way to play and hear a MIDI file as yet from the internet or from a floppy or CD. Hmmm. If I buy something like the Conexant GM128 or GM500 library for Giga products could I use these and would a MID file from the Internet \"find them\" and play using such a library without a lot of hassle?

    I suppose I would need to have GS and my sequencer running with the GM library loaded - okay I can take a minute to do that. And then set Windows multimedia to GSEndlessWave as my MIDI out. I can do that. But would a MID file in my floppy drive or from the internet (especially) then just PLAY automatically from the GM library in GS or would there be more steps?

    Or should I just buy a cheap Roland Canvas soft synth for 49 bucks instead and would this work with less hassle when I need to hear a .mid file?

    Thanks for any comments. Best, Life Force

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    Re: Using a GM sample library to listen to .mid files with GS96


    Imho, you would be better off with a softsynth as the gm samples seem a bit expensive for just normal midi.

    Its up to you though. You may find that the samples in the gm set are a lot higher quality, but is it really worth all the effort...?


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