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Topic: TerraTec EWX 2496

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    TerraTec EWX 2496

    Hello. GS 96 newbie and classical composer. Just trying to get my EWX2496 humming here. Actually its working just fine with GS.

    Now I just want to be able to play CD audios from my CD drive occasionally. (Like I did before I had this card - so my CD rom is fine for audio.) Whew! This turned out to be a big deal with the TerraTec card.

    I\'ve isolated the problem (there\'s no sound from my speakers when I put an audio CD into my CD rom drive now) to the JUMPERS on the card! There are seven pins and two jumpers (little plastic covers that cover two pins each.) OK. Terratec finally emails me \"looking at the pins from left to right, jump pins 2 and 3 and leave the others open.\" Sounds simple enough, right?

    So I open my computer and take out the card and there are seven pins in three groups and who knows what left to right is! Anyways, looking at it from the back, over the connectors, the seven pins are positioned like this in three groups:

    X X X X X X X
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Now how would you interpret \"Jump pins 2 and 3\" looking at this? With jumpers that cover 2 pins in close pairs each!!! And there are TWO such paired jumpers that came on the card - one would cover FOUR pins if you kept BOTH of them on there. I\'d say maybe they\'re looking at it from the other direction and that they mean I should cover what I have numbered pins 5 and 6 above with ONE of these jumpers ?? (There are no actual numbers by the pins.)

    I think this is the real problem and now I just have to get clear about which pins to \"jump\". Anybody else have some experience with card and this issue? THANK YOU!

    (PS - Once this is set up right, this jumper arrangement wont interfere with using GS96 right? The Terratec manual says changing jumpers for the CD rom playability would only prevent me from using Digital IN if I configured the jumpers this way for my CD Rom drive, which is fine.)

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    Re: TerraTec EWX 2496

    uh oh...my post doesnt show the pin spacing. Maybe this will do it:



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    Re: TerraTec EWX 2496


    Not such a big deal if your CD-ROM drive has a digital output. Refering to page 8 & 39 of your Terratec handbook.

    You connect the digital out from the CD-ROM to the EWX at the Internal Digital Input S/PDIF connector.

    Set J1 jumper to pins 2-3
    Set J2 to open

    Most important of all Lifeforce (and I\'ve been caught out many times) set the EWX control panel Master Clock to EXTERNAL - otherwise stoney silence from yor CDs

    If your CD-ROM doesn\'t have a digital output it can be tricky - but not insurmountable.


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    Re: TerraTec EWX 2496

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by BluesMeister:

    Set J1 jumper to pins 2-3
    Set J2 to open


    THANKS Bluesmeister! But you\'ve also narrowed things back to my final question again. What do your instructions meant that I actually do on my card? I\'m looking at seven pins that look like this - looking at it from the back over the connectors:


    And I\'ve got these two plastic caps that each cover two of them at a time. These are the \"jumpers\" right? So how do I put these caps on these pins in the way that does what your saying? Thats the only thing I dont get (or maybe Im still way off on what \"setting a jumper\" means.) I\'m hooked up digitally to the CDrom just fine. THANK you. LifeForce

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    Re: TerraTec EWX 2496

    Hi Lifeforce,

    And I\'ve got these two plastic caps that each cover two of them at a time. These are the \"jumpers\" right?

    Correct. J1 has three pins side by side. By moving the little plastic cap you can connect pins 1-2 or 2-3.

    For J2 just remove the cap and store it somewhere safe.

    All of those jumper pins will have a \"J#\" somewhere close by, so you can\'t mistake them.

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    Re: TerraTec EWX 2496

    GREAT ! And NOW are pins 2 and 3 (on J1) THESE two (I\'ll use O\'s for the pins to jump with ONE of the caps)?:


    Or from the other side (cause terratec just says \"look from left to right to me\" without explainin\' lookin from where!) are they these two ?:


    See what I mean? This would be 2 and 3 lookin from the other end of the card. I gotta uninstall and reinstall the card EACH time I try one of these!

    And now that I\'m almost done I gotta vent (at Terratec) and say, why wouldnt they just put a PICTURE in their doggone manual? They are just SO danged abbreviated using just the briefest little technical audio terms about something that could have been explained and ILLUSTRATED SO DARNED EASILY - with just a couple of sentences and a drawing! It bugs me that it\'s taken me THREE weeks on forums to figure out what these jumpers and pins are about - especially \'cause TerraTec wont even answer my simple question clearly when I email them nice and friendly and even lay it out very, VERY simply for them! This is PRECISELY why many musicians can\'t hack it with computer applications. The manufacturer (of music related software and hardware) that wakes up to this issue will make a zillion dollars.

    I REALLY appreciate your help, BluesMeister. MUCHO THANK YOU! I\'ll go under the hood now and try Method# 1 above which sounds like it should do it. Whew!


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    Re: TerraTec EWX 2496

    Hi Lifeforce,

    I\'m at work right now (yeah - I should be drawing not surfing!) so I can\'t check the precise order that the J1 pins are in (as in L-R). The fact that the card sits downside-up in my PC doesn\'t help either (I was grovelling around yesterday with a torch and a mirror trying to find out where the jumpers are located for you)

    I\'m sorry to have to say you\'ll have to try both J1 permutations xoo and oox - but hey, you\'ve got a 50-50 chance of getting it right first time

    The Terratec manual is translated from German, and Terratec\'s e-mail support is not the best, I know from experience.

    Yes - A simple FLAT diagram in the manual would help immensely for locating switches and jumpers.

    Are you listening Terratec?

    But, on the plus-side they do have the jumper numbers printed on the bottom of the card (or on top when it\'s installed upside down in the PC!) so that helps to locate them.

    You\'re almost there Lifeforce, don\'t give in now. You\'ll be rockin\' \'n\' rollin\' to Celine Dion CDs before you know it!


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    Re: TerraTec EWX 2496

    The saga continues... Still can\'t get audio from the CD rom of my Win98 PC with the EWX2496. Still can\'t get a reply from TerraTec when I send them the exact, SIMPLE illustration I made above in this forum of the pins - with a VERY simple question. Amazing. One wonders. I write them and ask any other question and the reply comes right back. But I write and ask which pins to jump - nothing. 5 weeks with the card. (And I am switching to the external clock) and still no CDrom sound.

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    Re: TerraTec EWX 2496


    Panic not my friend. I\'ll go home this evening and rip my EWX out of the \'puter.

    I\'ll post a diagram of the pins & jumpers.

    By this time tomorrow you\'ll be jamming along to all those Barry Manilow CDs you\'ve been hoarding.

    \"Her name was Lola..\"


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    Re: TerraTec EWX 2496

    Hey Mr LifeForce,

    I\'m sitting here grooving to a Robert Cray Band CD thundering out of my PC speakers, and here\'s how I did it:

    Rip out the EWX and flip her over.

    I\'ll use your convention of
    x=no jumper

    So looking at the card with the RCA connectors uppermost you have from L to R

    JP1 JP2 JP10
    xoo xx oo

    o- to CD-ROM digital audio
    o- to CD-ROM digital audio

    So you have to leave JP2 open BUT close JP10
    Yes, the manual isn\'t exactly clear about this. And it took me almost two hours of fiddling and cursing before I finally cracked it.

    Usually I have two audio cards in my PC that are connected by means of the S/PDIF - but I rather like the idea of playing CDs when I\'m surfing.

    That should do the trick LifeForce. Send all cash donations to BluesMeister


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