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Topic: Anyone use RME Digiface?

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    Anyone use RME Digiface?

    The digiface looks like the right card to replace my gigastation card but I was wondering what people have experienced with the Digiface and Giga?
    My big question is - what is the latency like? Is it noticable?


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    Re: Anyone use RME Digiface?

    I use RME Multiface, so that is the exact same latency and performance. I use it on a separate machine and under normal circumstances I get 7-9ms latency on each channel using a USB MIDI-interface. This is very good performance, so I think it is safe to say that RME\'s DSP line is a good choice for Giga. I cant get it running very good in XP though. Even at 25ms latency I get pops and clicks.

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    Re: Anyone use RME Digiface?

    Thanks Simon

    Can ask you why you are using a USB midi interface? Doens\'t the mutiface have built in midi?

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    Re: Anyone use RME Digiface?

    Yes it has one MIDI in. I need 4.

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    Re: Anyone use RME Digiface?

    If you use one of the hardware setup recommendations of rme, you\'ll get down to 1.5ms fine. I\'m doing that here on two computers, one has a recommended mobo, the other doesn\'t, prior runs at 1,5ms with full polyphony being used in GS, the other runs at 6ms (altho I haven\'t tried running GS on that one yet, its the sequencer/recording machine).


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