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Topic: Anybody using Tascam US-428?

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    Anybody using Tascam US-428?

    The specs on this unit seem great (4-in, 24 bit recording), but it only records at 48K due to the limitations of USB. My question is, if I record primarily at 44.1, at the end of the day will I notice a major difference from a recording that was recorded @ 96k and was bumped down to 44.1?

    I don\'t want to be disappointed with the sound after I buy the unit.

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    Re: Anybody using Tascam US-428?

    I have one of these and I am a great fan of it. The sonic quality is very good. You\'d just need an external Phantom power supply to use condenser microphones (recommended) with the unit. The Sampling rate isn\'t such an important issue with regards to recording. As long as You don`t plan to do heavy edits that require resampling of the material like time stretching for example You should be be well of with 44.1 or 48 kHz recordings. Also time domain (IIR or FIR)filtering in high frequency bands can have a negative impact on low sample rate material but these side effects are barely audible. The bit depth has a greater impact on the soundquality than the samplerate.
    I have used the US 428 for the recording of a classic recital and I have even been using it to record some of the sample material for my next Sampling CD (this time also for Gigasampler I promise
    just my 2 Eurocent



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