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Topic: MFC42.DLL Page Fault

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    MFC42.DLL Page Fault

    Hi all,

    As already seen in a similar previous message, during Gigasampler first startup.
    At the step \"checking disk configuration\" i had a protection fault in MFC42.DLL, i\'m sure this file is up to date...i just upgraded from a PII to a new PIII 450.

    My question is what version of Gigasampler
    actually supports the PIII processor ?

    Does Gigasampler 1.5 works with a PIII processor or is there a mandatory upgrade to 1.6. I ask this because all i did before the Gig crash is upgrading to a PIII CPU.

    Thanks in advance, Regards, Joel

    My configuration is as followed:

    Asus MoBo,
    PIII450 (instead of PII),
    ATI Rage 128 video adapter,
    Adaptec UW2 Scsi adapter,
    Quantum Fireball ATA66 for system and programs,
    IBM A/V certified UW2SCSI/HD for Audio,
    SB64 PCI sound card,
    Yamaha DSP Factory with new DirectX
    driver beta1.
    Win98 OSR2 with DirectX 6.1

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    Re: MFC42.DLL Page Fault

    An uprade to 1.6 should help We had the same problem things are fine now.

    PaPa Chalk

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