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Topic: Problems with Prgram Changes

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    Problems with Prgram Changes

    so that it gives to pulls an clicks the audio one when I do program
    simultaneously changes in several MIDI Channels?

    Some aid please?

    GS 3.20

    Sorry my english is very bad.

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    Re: Problems with Prgram Changes

    Are you saying that you hear a lot of "clicks" and "pops" in your audio when you have different instruments in several channels playing simultaneously?

    If so, maybe try (i) increasing your polyphony setting in the Giga Configuration Manager, or (ii) increasing your sound card's buffer size.

    If not... try asking again!!
    — alanb




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    Re: Problems with Prgram Changes

    Thank you very much alanb. My problem has begun to happen with update
    of GS 3,12 to GS 3.20. The previous version did not give problems.

    When doing changes of programs simultaneously that I use instruments(24 Bits)with CrossFade Layers with the ModWheel the sound interrupt. It seems because the ProgramChange does not arrive on time.
    Clicks and pops had them in vers. 3.12 because the archives of 24 bits
    exhausted the CPU and now that is neat.
    For example, I have 5 instrum. and it gives east error me if I do mute in one no longer happens.
    My computer does not touch Internet, this free of virus and
    trojans, 2 Gbytes RAM, Windows XP SP2 and I dedicate it in exclusive
    right to Giga Studio, my sequencer runs in a Mac.
    Some sugestion?
    Thank you very much and sorry for my "automatic translation" english.

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