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Topic: Aardvark: no GSIF for XP "for several months"

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    Aardvark: no GSIF for XP \"for several months\"

    Well, when I bought my Aark 20/20+ (2 1/2 years ago) it was _the_ supported sound card for gigasampler. I registered for the new drivers yesterday and got an email back from them stating \"There is no release date for GSIF drivers for XP and 2K, however it will not be for several months from now.\"

    It\'s now for sale on ebay. It\'s getting hard to keep up with which manufacturer is on top of their driver releases.Anyone know what happened to them?

    So, can somone recommend a replacement? Is there something cheaper than the RME stuff that is stable? I\'m running VIA KT266A chipset, should I replace it? I\'m only looking for stability...


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    Re: Aardvark: no GSIF for XP \"for several months\"

    Being in the same situation with a Direct Pro, ...what is the benefit of using XP anyway. I\'m intending to setup a dedicated box for GS160.

    So ..do I change audiocards or swap back to win98. What disadvantages dies this have for the latest verison GS160?


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    Re: Aardvark: no GSIF for XP \"for several months\"

    I\'m with Ellle. The Aark 20/20+ gives me a nice clean sound with no problems. Unless someone can educate me on some great benefits of using XP, I\'ll stick with Win 98 until the new drivers come out.

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    Re: Aardvark: no GSIF for XP \"for several months\"

    I used the Aark 20/20+ in my PC and kept it after I switched to Mac because the mac drivers where supposedly just about to be released. Well it´s been half a year and no driver release, announcement, nor news update.... Considering Ebay as well...
    Sorry no suggestion which one to go for in terms of stability, just thought I´d share my Aardvark driver experience.
    Good luck

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    Re: Aardvark: no GSIF for XP \"for several months\"

    Cheaper than RME? Frontier and M-Audio alway\'s keep up driver wise.

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    Re: Aardvark: no GSIF for XP \"for several months\"

    I\'m SOOOOOO glad I didn\'t buy one of these cards. I was about to purchase one too. Thanks for the heads up. There is no excuse for this.

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    Re: Aardvark: no GSIF for XP \"for several months\"

    They don´t even reply to my multiple inquieries...
    Anyone interested in Aark 20/20+ be sure it´ll be on Ebay shortly

    so long!

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    Re: Aardvark: no GSIF for XP \"for several months\"


    I own two different Aark cards...20/20+ and The Direct Pro 24/96.

    I\'ve been a user of these for 2+ years.

    My assessment is that the sound quality is very high.

    The drivers have been a bit shakey but more or less stable with Windows 98SE.

    Tech support from Ben Mullins and help from Thomas Adler have been more or less satisfatory. I have run into times when I didn\'t get a reply. But it was usually that Ben was out of the office.

    I\'d say don\'t be too hard on these guys. I know their company suffers some with shortage of help (seems anyway) but the products are very good for the most part!

    If Aardvark is reading these threads. I\'d say, get two Ben Mullins in tech support and one extra guy for driver development.

    There\'s no reason your company should falter like this with such good products.

    Wishing you better business responsiveness and money to make it happen.

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    Re: Aardvark: no GSIF for XP \"for several months\"

    I use the Direct Pro 24/96. I use it with Gigastudio and Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 on the same computer: a PIII 850 running Windows 98 SE. With that setup, the Direct Pro has been excellent. It runs without problem, it works perfectly with Gigastudio and Cakewalk, and the sound is crystal clear. Like everyone else, I am looking forward to completed XP and WDM drivers. However, since I\'m not running XP yet, that is not a problem. Once Aardvark has those drivers, their product will be hard to beat.

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    Re: Aardvark: no GSIF for XP \"for several months\"

    I have the DirectPro LX6 and am quite happy with it. The card does pop when Win98SE fires up, but it is otherwise quiet and crystal clear. It works great with GigaStudio 160 v2.5, Cakewalk Pro Audio v9.03, and Sound Forge v6.0 Beta. I did have to revert to the v5.12 driver, since v5.14 caused the card to \"snap, crackle and pop\" in GigaStudio. My system is a PIII 750 with 768MBs of RAM and has three hard drives, one for the OS, one for the .gig files, and one for audio recording (all on separate IDE controllers). I\'m in no hurry to upgrade the OS to Win2K or WinXP.


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