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Topic: Patch Changes in GVI?

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    Patch Changes in GVI?

    I am using Sonar 6 with GVI, and I can not get it to switch patches in a channel. GVi assigns instruments a patch number but I cannot make patch changes.

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    Re: Patch Changes in GVI?

    Have similar set up, after seeing your post tried to make patch-change, no luck either. Have somebody managed to make a patch change?


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    Re: Patch Changes in GVI?

    Hmm... Could it be we have found a bug? Or is GVI incapable of making patch changes?

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    Re: Patch Changes in GVI?

    Hmm. It works running GVI standalone and it seems to work in Cubase (though the UI isn't updated), but not in Sonar. I wonder what Cakewalk would say...

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    Re: Patch Changes in GVI?

    Quote Originally Posted by jmelvin64
    Hmm... Could it be we have found a bug? Or is GVI incapable of making patch changes?
    I don't use Sonar, but I've made extensive use of patch changes in GVI with no problems. I'm using Forte as a VST host and sending patch changes from a separate computer.

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    Re: Patch Changes in GVI?

    Well, Tascam actually addresses this problem in their update notes and blames it on Sonar. I've posted on the Sonar forum site wondering if there is a fix in the works, so let's see if something can be resolved.

    There is a work around by stacking the instruments and then assigning a keyswitch.

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    Re: Patch Changes in GVI?

    Hi folks. Because I use my main keyboards for live gigging, I am using an old Korg T2 connected to my music PC for learning to use GVI, etc. The Korg T2 does not allow you to set a bank, only a program number. I can not get the instrument to change programs in GVI. I have tried setting the instruments to Bank 0 and Bank 1 in GVI. I am running GVI standalone. It just stays stuck on whatever instrument is currently attached to the channel even though there are other instruments loaded and available for use.

    Any ideas? This is worthless to me without being able to change programs and I know it is possible. I just can't figure out what to set the programs to in GVI so that it will work for me.

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