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Topic: PCI822 anyone?

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    PCI822 anyone?

    I;d like to find out if someone are using the Tascam 822 audio card with GS.
    Any experiences?



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    Re: PCI822 anyone?

    Works great. I\'m using it on one system for 32 MIDI channels and 8 or 10 channels of audio output. (TDIF plus SPDIF)

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    Re: PCI822 anyone?

    If the Tascam board is great, why do people are not talking more about it in this forum?
    It appears to be just right.thing for a dedicated Giga machine. Just midi and 8 digital outs.
    I wonder about the latency and any problems that T-dif can have. I never used it. And I never see a t-dif cable either.


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    Re: PCI822 anyone?

    Most people don\'t talk about stuff that\'s working well. TDIF is just a digital protocol like SPDIF or ADAT. Latency is not an issue.


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    Re: PCI822 anyone?

    You have a point here,
    Thanks for the data,


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