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Topic: Naming the music states...

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    Naming the music states...

    Hi folks,

    Can Any1 clear this up for me a bit ?

    What is the difference between game bacground tracks ???
    1) Suspence
    2) Ambient
    3) Sub-ambient

    can any1 help ??

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    Re: Naming the music states...

    Hey man,

    I'm not 100% sure what you're asking - are you referring to specific states required by a particular interactive music engine? Or are these just general terms you need cleared up?

    From the looks of it, your list seems to decrease in intensity; 'suspense' putting the player on edge, 'ambient' giving a subtle musical treatment to the area, and 'sub-ambient' being extremely quiet and nearly inaudible above the room tone.

    I saw a demonstration of the music engine for Syphon Filter (PSP) where the music had five musical states, each triggered interactively by the gameplay: 1) intense action, 2) action, 3) suspense, 4) ambience, 5) sub-ambience. The music engine could transition back and forth from each of the levels seamlessly.
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