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Topic: EWX 24/96 or M-Audio Audiophile?

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    EWX 24/96 or M-Audio Audiophile?

    These cards seem to be of similiar quality, which of the cards is better suited for GS160?

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    Re: EWX 24/96 or M-Audio Audiophile?

    I can only comment on my experiments with the M-Audio card. I have not had an opportunity to work with the EWX 24/96.

    I have been very pleased, overall, with the Audiophile 24/96. I originally purchased it for recording purposes, and didn\'t really envision using it as an output device (other than to drive my studio monitors). Since then, however, I\'ve used it for many more things (including SPDIF IO and Midi port use), and it has worked out quite nicely.

    I have tried it with GigaSampler 64 (I have not yet upgraded to GSt) by temporarily moving it to my dedicated GS box. The results were very good. It produced (predictably) much better results than the SB Audigy card that currently lives in my GS computer.

    I fully intend on purchasing a second 24/96 for use in my dedicated GS box. When comparing the two side-by-side, and considering the price difference is negligible ($10 or so), I\'m going to go with something I\'ve had a good experience with.

    That isn\'t to say that the EWX is a bad card -- quite the opposite. I\'ve heard good things about it, too. I\'ve just had such good luck with the 24/96 that I\'m going to go in that direction again...

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