If I need a giga compatable card with both optical 8 in\\8 out and just one little analogue out for headphones, am I going to have to pay an enormous amount of money?

It seems that the optical cards that have analog converters tend to have 4-8 analogue ins\\outs for doing things more complicated than I need. (I just need to record things using GigaStudio, while listening to the sound, and then move the result over to my Fostex VF-16 digital multitrack to add vocals and live instruments.) It seems I can move a single track over to the multirack easily enough using the SPDIF on, say, the Audiophile 2496, but then I think I\'ll have to worry about timing problems, and it will take a long time to move 5-6 tracks (the length of the song X the number of tracks).

Is there any optical card that offers just one measly little headphone jack\\audio out? (Am I the only person who needs to do this simple thing?)