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Topic: Introducing: The Little Match Girl CD

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    Introducing: The Little Match Girl CD

    Can you forgive a little Blatant Self Promotion(TM) ?

    Allow me to present my latest venture in the world of symphonic ambient, a combination of synths and orchestra - this time supported by overdubbed one-man-choirs, entitled The Little Match Girl. It is now available from CDBaby and iTunes.

    The main work on the album is somewhat unique in today's electronic music world that seems to be polarized between "serious" electronic compositions and Dance/Trance/D'n'B. It is an "Electrosymphonic Poem", almost 30 minutes of synth-based musical drama based on the famous H. C. Andersen story. It has always been my wish to capture this immortal stirring story into music and it has taken almost 4 years to realize the vision. And of course it'd have taken a lot longer if GPO hadn't come along. Thanks again Gary & co!

    The Little Match Girl is a composition in three movements; It should be experienced as a musical soundtrack to a silent film or animation of the story. The first two movements faithfully paint the original tale; however, the third movement brings the unique approach to the story. Because the composition tells us of the events as seen through the eyes of the little matchseller, we can follow her story further as she joins her Grandmother.

    GPO was used extensively on orchestral parts of this album. It is featured most prominently on the opening track.

    1 Ave Triumphator (Overture)
    2-3 The Mirrors of Apollo (Choral and Fugue)
    4 The Sanctuary of Song and Silence (Intermezzo)
    5-7 The Little Match Girl

    Kindly invited to browse the demos on Azi's page or alternative demos on the CDBaby page.

    In the words of danpowers, "Buy one quick! Buy two! They make great Christmas presents!" (I owe you royalties on that phrase partner ) Or to tell you a secret, I have been known to send CD's as free gifts to my overseas friends in exchange for a nice email full of praise j/k on the praise part, just a nice email.

    Azi's page with more details about the composition: http://www.aziraphal.com
    CDBaby page: http://cdbaby.com/cd/Aziraphal/
    iTunes link: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/M...stId=203919803

    Regards, Matt

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    Re: Introducing: The Little Match Girl CD

    One single (and only) bump.

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