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Topic: No Edit Mode? No Alternative Tuning!

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    Re: No Edit Mode? No Alternative Tuning!

    The scripts were locked as making a change would likely break the instrument. The programming takes quite a bit of tweaking to get just right.


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    Re: No Edit Mode? No Alternative Tuning!

    Why not use the pitch wheel and your ears? That is what I do for Just intonation.
    BTW interesting website.
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    Re: No Edit Mode? No Alternative Tuning!

    Thanks for the responses.

    I hope it doesn't seem like pissing on I'm Gary and Co. I'm really not. Obviously, I view the Gofriller and the Strad as the only useable libraries for my work. There really isn't a substitute. However, just using the pitch wheel as Hannes suggested isn't realistic for live work, when you have one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mod wheel.

    That said, it seems as though they could have password protected the proprietary scripts while leaving the script engine available to people who want to add additional scripts. Obviously, if you write a script and you break the instrument, you can just remove it.

    Anyway, I've come across a solution..
    The software package Little Miss Scale Oven ( www.nonoctave.com) has two ways to retune. The first is Kontakt scripts, which won't work here. The second is a software tool called Nuscale, which sits between your midi device and Kontakt. It loads up almost any type of alternative scale and send the appropriate pitch change messages to Kontakt. For a while I still couldn't get it working with the Garritan stuff, but through a great deal of personal help from Jeff Scott, who developed LMSO, we managed to get it going while preserving the special legato, vibrato, crossfade and other unique things about these instruments. I can't say enough about the help I got from Jeff on this, and at $165, his software is a bargain for anyone interested in working in microtonal and nonstandard scales.
    I've only been testing this solution for a couple days, but I've done some pretty extensive testing and it seems to be working well. I'll report back with any new news.


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    Re: No Edit Mode? No Alternative Tuning!

    Hi Brendan,

    glad you found a solution. I did not realize you need this for live playing.

    The tuning concept reads exciting however I did not find too many examples on their site. Would you care to post something of your work?

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    Re: No Edit Mode? No Alternative Tuning!

    I thought the de-tuning of the Strad to simulate a viola was possible.
    I found a couple of threads on the subject. Regards, John


    and this one:


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