(This is what I have been posting to the other sections of the forum)
I\'ve been getting a lot of inquiries from people on this forum about this project. I\'ll keep it short since I\'m currently busy working on it full time. I took a short demo version (with 4 examples) to the NAMM show and showed it to many people and spread a few copies around Tascam and they seem to like it real well and are anxious to sell it for me. It looks like Tascam will indeed be my main distributor. (I would assume Northern Sounds will be able to carry it)

Anyway, I\'m cleaning up all the dialog as we speak and then synching up all the elements this week. Next week I edit what I have and all that is left after that is to shoot a few more lessons and assemble those. We should be ready to manufacture something in a matter of weeks. The final list price will be $99.99 including a couple of full function instruments (DX 7 piano and a drum kit that you can assemble yourself once you go through the tutorials)
Thanks for all the interest. Keep an eye out for info via Tascam for the official word. I think Tascam will also have some nice documentation ready in a similar time frame. The bases will be fairly well covered shortly for learning how to use the product.