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Topic: Laurie and Her Wonderdog

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    Laurie and Her Wonderdog

    I piece I wrote in memory of a friend (LaurieZ) and keyboard player who passed away earlier this year. This is the first piece I started and completed in my "new" studio using GPO and East/West Piano.


    A more complete complete diary of the story behind this piece is available at:

    Hope you enjoy.
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    Pat Azzarello

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    Re: Laurie and Her Wonderdog

    That's very pretty, Pat. It's some good writing and I enjoyed the listen.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    (Are you a dude or a dudette? Is it Patsy or Patrick? )


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Laurie and Her Wonderdog

    Thank you. And definitely Dude
    Pat Azzarello

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    Re: Laurie and Her Wonderdog

    Hi Pat:

    A definitely, marvelous melody that is finely crafted with your orchestration and awesome abilities with GPO and your East/West piano. This is a fine tribute to LaurieZ and her "wonderdog" and I know she is listening to it right now.

    I don't have any criticisms at all, but I do have a suggestion. Maybe the last time through could have been in a modulated key after a short transition to give it a "big" lift. You know, like the Sinatra days and his fabulous arrangements. But, regardless, I really enjoyed this piece immensely and, even more, your reason for writing it.

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    Re: Laurie and Her Wonderdog


    Really nice writing, good continuity of ideas throughout. The scoring really does it justice as well as the GPO and your East/West piano.



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    Re: Laurie and Her Wonderdog

    Pat, what a wonderful thing to do for a good friend!
    It is really nice.
    Thank you for posting the music, and also for sharing the reasoning behind it's existance.

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    Re: Laurie and Her Wonderdog

    Absolutely gorgeous, Pat; both the writing and the
    rendering. I've listened through this a number of
    times... what a wonderful and moving tribute to LaurieZ.

    I wonder if you might consider a second "movement"
    to this, Pat, based on the initial material. I have the
    sense that there are things left unsaid...

    With admiration,


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    Re: Laurie and Her Wonderdog

    A thoughtful melody

    .. Just listened only now... Glad I didn't miss this.

    Thanks for sharing this very poignant tribute.


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    Re: Laurie and Her Wonderdog


    Very nice piece. The solo woodwinds really compliment the piano.


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    Re: Laurie and Her Wonderdog

    Pat, very nice indeed, i like this


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