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Topic: Pitch tables supported in GS?

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    Pitch tables supported in GS?

    Hi all,

    I\'m thinking of buying the gigasampler and
    I wanted to ask if you can use pitch tables
    to alter the tuning of an instrument. For example, on my Ensoniq ASR I can switch between different historical tunings, such as meantone or Werckmeister III...
    This is very handy (and important) for certain kinds of music.


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    Re: Pitch tables supported in GS?

    You can alter the tuning + or - 50 on each sample or for the entire instruments. There are no tuning tables at this time. Be sure and send this idea to wishlist@nemesysmusic.com It would probably be very simple to do. You can do it manually of course.
    Take care

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