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Topic: test message---Haven't Been Able to Post

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    test message---Haven't Been Able to Post

    There's been a glitch which has prevented me from staying logged in at this Forum. It's been very unfortunate that as a GPO user who would like to interact with others using the program, that the Forum hasn't been functioning for me.

    Another registered GPO user with the same problem wrote to me directly, hoping I could help him with problems he's been having with the program.

    I've been able to get to the posting tab today--this is a test to see if the "corrupted cookies" problem has been solved. That's in quotes, because contact with Northern Sounds said this is the explanation for the problems I've been having.

    If this works, I hope to be participating on the Forum again. Fingers crossed.


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    Re: test message---Haven't Been Able to Post

    testing testing 1,2,3,

    you're coming in loud and clear sir


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    Re: test message---Haven't Been Able to Post

    Don't feel crummy because of the "corrupted cookies" problem. That's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. I am glad you're able to bet back on the forum again. You seem to be one smart cookie for dunking this issue and getting this to work again.

    Welcome back!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: test message---Haven't Been Able to Post

    Well! It's been somewhat of an ordeal getting back on this Forum. I haven't been able to get on all year!

    Even after this message which started this thread, I had more problems and have ended up have to re-register, changing my user name a bit in order to make it work.

    It appears that Northern Sounds doesn't like a user to access the bulletin boards from more than one location? I initially registered through a webtv, but am now using a PC. I've never been able to log-in from any computer, but yesterday was able to post the test message from the webtv. That isn't helpful though, because one can't upload or download through a webtv--there are many technical restrictions.

    Well, all seems fine now. I do wish Northern Sounds would look into this issue though. Another GPO user noticed my posts about GPO at the Cakewalk Forums, so wrote directly to me with question since he had the identical problem of not being able to log-in successfully here at Northern Sounds. We both deleted cookies several times etc.

    THANK YOU Mr. G and Dan for the welcoming messages--Oh my, you are quite a punster, Gary. lol.

    I'm looking forward to joining in. There are GPO projects I want to share with other users and etc.


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