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Topic: trying to import rex with SAGE converter

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    trying to import rex with SAGE converter

    I have just installed the RMX UB version and tried to use the SAGE converter 1.5.1d

    I have moved my default SAGE folder to an external USB2.0 hard drive and made an alias and moved the alias back into the correct position.
    RMX is working fine and reading the libraries as it should.
    ...but when I open the SAGE converter and try to import a .rx2 file it goes through the process of importing it but no file is placed in the converted rex files or any other folder on my external drive which holds the "SAGE" folder.

    If I then move the SAGE folder back to the original installed position on my OS hardrive and repeat the same import rex fle conversion everything works perfectly.

    Is it not possible to use the SAGE converter with an external drive?
    If it is, whats going wrong?

    I'm using:-
    MacBook Pro, OSX 10.4.8, Logic 7.2.1


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    Re: trying to import rex with SAGE converter

    Sure...it should be working.

    But you should be reporting this to the Public Beta forum or to tech support...not here.

    Public Beta forum is here:

    Support contact info here:

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    Re: trying to import rex with SAGE converter

    Thanks Spectrum,

    I have posted in your support forum, with an additional line of info.

    I had to post in the MacIntel - Logic, even though I'm not acutally using Logic nor have a problem using Logic with RMX.

    Hope this can be sorted ASAP.

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