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Topic: USB MIDI Interfaces....

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    USB MIDI Interfaces....

    Ok, last I knew, they were downright evil. Now, it\'s been a while, computers are faster, new OS\'s are available, there\'s a new version of GS.. Are they still as bad as ever? The price has come down on the Midiman Midisport 2X2 ($60 online), I was thinking about getting a pair of them, one for the 98 systems, one for the XP system. Anyone using one? How well does it work? I\'ve got fairly capable systems running 160 poly, am I gonna kill everything?

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    Re: USB MIDI Interfaces....


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    Re: USB MIDI Interfaces....


    I am using Midi\'s port for sometime on my machine with Win98SE. So far I haven\'t seen any problem. You can get 160 poly just fine.


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    Re: USB MIDI Interfaces....

    I use a MidiSport 8X8 USB. Love it. No problems at all. Drivers for both Win98 and Win2k are rock solid. Performance is excellent. You can\'t do better

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    Re: USB MIDI Interfaces....

    Anyone using MIDEX by Steinberg? I have to get rid of my Egosys MIDITerminal 4140 as soon as possible. I suspect that is what is giving me hanging notes as well as MSG32.exe crashes resulting in a necessary re-install of the MIDI drivers each time I have that crash. So I am looking for a new one with at least 4 ports IN. It seems like I have to go with either a 4 port USB only interface or a more \'safe\' 8x8 port USB/serial combo like MIDISport or MIDEX.

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    Re: USB MIDI Interfaces....

    Using a Midisport 8x8 usb for giga, and an AMT usb for logic... Both are solid under XP, I ran serial for 98se, cause I had some problems with usb, but new drivers have been created for both interfaces since then..
    The Midisport had a firmware update for USB.. I fried a chip in a brand new one when I first got it..
    Both have been great since XP...
    I find midi response a lot quicker on USB.
    Simon... MSG32.exe error I believe is an audio driver problem.. Not midi..
    Sounds like maybe your card and midi interface are sharing Irq\'s...
    Or are they one of those midi and audio in one thangs?
    Giga crashes in XP when I change something in the sampler page and apply..
    I can shut down giga, In task manager I can\'t shut down the MSG32.exe .. Which is the audio card for me(2408).
    So if I leave that sampler page setup after reboot, I\'m really solid..
    I don\'t change those settings anywho, once their set.... With the 2408, I can buffer to lowest @ 64 and in giga have it set to the lowest @ .5...
    Latency is damn near 0..
    Love it...

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    Re: USB MIDI Interfaces....

    OK I\'ll consider a MIDISport 8x8 then. A pity that there are no 4x4 Serial/USB MIDI interfaces really, since I dont need 8 ports on the Giga machine. Yes the MSG32 is a combined audio+MIDI hang. Well I can still play notes, but they drop in and out and such, and of course I have to reboot to make it works again. Well as I said, my MIDI driver gets corrupted when this happens. And it never happened before I got the Egosys MIDI interface (no wonder this interface is cheap). No sharing. I never allow sharing on my computers

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    Re: USB MIDI Interfaces....

    Try rebooting the computer..
    But go start, shutdown and then just before you hit restart, hold the shift button down.
    Depending on where your midi interface is in the startup chain this may restart it.
    My MTP av was causing some weirdness, this was the only fix.
    Just may save you some time waiting for booting up.
    I\'m holding out for giga to enable 4 more ports to get maybe 320 poly for the 8x8...
    Maybe in version 3

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    [This message has been edited by seclusion (edited 02-09-2002).]

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    Re: USB MIDI Interfaces....


    also have a look at emagic\'s product range. note the cheapest, but definitely extremely good driver support. AMT8/Unitor8 support both serial- and USB-ports (and offer the AMT protocol, just in case you might use Logic in the future).

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    Re: USB MIDI Interfaces....

    Timo, I have a Unitor8 for my sequencer machine. I will receive the MIDISport 8x8 shortly, let\'s see how it fares..

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