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Topic: Wami Rack 24...

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    Wami Rack 24...

    Can somebody say something about this card??
    It will be used with Giga Studio.
    I\'m looking forward to buy it but just wanted to get some opinions from pros...


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    Re: Wami Rack 24...

    Hi Paul,

    I have the Wami Rack 24.
    You must have Gigastudio 2.2 or later or it will not work. Period. Make a note of it

    Make sure you d/l latest driver from egosys http://www.egosys.net/eng/egosys.html

    Every time you re-boot you must turn on the GSIF buttin in the Wami control panel(from systray) annoying!

    Having said that, the sound quality is excellent. MIDI works. Once I got through the pain of configuring everything, I like it. Except for having to turn on the GSIF every time.


    Jim Clark

    Oh, and if you have to re-install the driver for any reason, make sure you use that little info-clear app that comes with the driver...

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    Re: Wami Rack 24...

    Thank you.
    I have the GS 2.0 so now i\'m crying...


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    Re: Wami Rack 24...


    Cheer up!

    When I upgraded from GS96 2.2 to GS160, they sent me 2.0 in the mail
    However, it took very little time to fix. About 15 minutes.

    Call Allen(or Chris) at Tascam 323-726-0303 ext 617

    For others reading this thread, please make a note of this phone number!
    The \"main number\" leads to frustration, as you know if you tried it. This number, given by Allen on the Tascam site, is answered by a real person, and has always gotten quick results for me.

    If you try this number, let us know if your experience was favorable.


    Jim Clark

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    Re: Wami Rack 24...

    Thanx very much...
    I\'ll let you know.


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