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Topic: problems with audiophile 2496

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    problems with audiophile 2496

    hello there, i recently bought my first hi-tech sound card, the m-audio audiophile 2496. and i have gotten some problems i didnt have before.
    when gigastidio is running and i play any sound in any audio editor i get really bad playback from the editor (mostly soundforge 2.5 or cooledit pro 1.1). the sound is full of cracks and clicks and sounds really bad.
    this is not a problem that the sound peaks, it sounds bad in wich way.
    the sound from gstudio, although, is perfectly good...

    the thing is that when gigastudio is not running i can play a sound without getting this weird playback, even if i overdrive the sound totally.

    i use gstudio 160 2.2 (tried 2.5 too) in win98 on an amd 1.44 ghz and 512 mb ram.

    thanks for any help

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    Re: problems with audiophile 2496

    I had the same problem. Make sure you download the latest version of the drivers from m-audio. If the drivers don\'t solve the problem, it may be a pci issue (which is a problem for VIA chipsets). What Motherboard are you using? How many hard drives do you have and what drives are you using to play your audio from?

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    Re: problems with audiophile 2496

    I have same problem After all tweaking I suggest is VIA chipset problem....all latest drivers but still getting cracks. Mobo Advance9 VIA chipset 733MHz, 384MbRAM,2xHD,
    Any suggestion?

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    Re: problems with audiophile 2496

    I know this is a common problem and I\'m not sure why there isn\'t more help with it. I had a kt7a and I switched motherboards because of this problem. I bought an asus board with a raid controller because I had heard there were problems with the second IDE channel and the VIA chipset and the raid controller would work as a secondary ide. I thought I had a bad motherboard, but it sounds like it\'s a real problem.
    There was lots of problems found with the via chipset and the Soundblaster Live(i used to have one). What I would recommend is getting a newer bios and changing the PCI latency. This site has lots of info about the KT7. http://www.viahardware.com/faq/kt7/kt7faq.htm
    Sorry I couldn\'t help more. If I get some time, I\'ll try to find out more. Good luck

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    Re: problems with audiophile 2496

    i have downloaded the latest drivers from m-audio....nothing happened with the problem....

    my motherboard in an \"EPoX EP-8KHA+ KT266A 6PCI 1AGP 3DDR-DIMM Audio SocketA ATX\" (im not really no computer specialist....i just copied and pasted the specifications). it has an VIA KT266A chipset apparently. i use only one hard drive...although its partitioned in three parts. its an \"Maxtor DiamondMax D740X 60.0Gb 7200rpm UDMA133 IDE\"..

    welll....hope anyone knows something..

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    Re: problems with audiophile 2496

    Yesterday I\'ve seccesfully fix my problem described above. There is VIA NorthernBridge chipset BIOS fix. For advanced users!! Read carefully. Don\'t experiment unless you have money ready for new mobo...HAHA There is a link:http://www.geocities.com/quantexhelpuk/vortexfix00.htm
    Regards Vlad

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    Re: problems with audiophile 2496

    Sorry to post this, but tweak didn\'t last too long. Day after was \"back to normal\" slowdowns, dropouts. I\'m giving up VIA problem and replacing mobo - ASUS TUSL2-C
    all Intel. Hope finally is gonna work?
    Regards Vlad

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    Re: problems with audiophile 2496

    Are you sure that it is a mobo problem? I have an Asus P4B, P4 1.8. When I use the Audiophile 2496, nothing but pops and clicks indepedant of polyphony or CPU usage...

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    Re: problems with audiophile 2496

    OK I\'ll be more specific and give more details. I do run my song /about 13 tracks/of
    MIDI try to use all tracks asigned to GStudio sounds. At rich streaming points slowdowns and dropouts /ProAudio9/ Try to run
    another composition which I\'ve already prerecorded my vocal track just to atempt runing with GStudio sounds gives me pops kliks and later on dropout....The CPU usage at GS control panel shows me at criticle moment about 50??% something and Windows Monitor shows me 100% processor usage since I just hit START ...so what the hell is this.
    Definitly I\'m changing my mobo !!! In case of
    VIA I completely lost my confidence. I can\'t
    afford it to upgrade higher I have to stick
    with PIII 733MHz for now but I do wanna start already do the music !!!
    I wanna have my GStudio runing since I put money on it?! Before I worked with SF2 and DLS but once you smell GIGA there is no compromisse.
    Hope you understand. I would have better some constructive questions than discover how
    VIA chip works !?!
    Regards Vlad

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