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Topic: RME Multiface/Digi9652

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    RME Multiface/Digi9652

    I am just about to replace my noisy Gina20 card for something else in my Giga machine and my choice has fallen on the RME Multiface since it has both digital and analogue outs. My question is, can you, using RME\'s \'TotalMix\', route your outputs with complete freedom, a bit like in Pulsar? I want to be able to output the same signal to ADAT channels 1-2 and analogue 1-2 etc. Possible?

    If nobody have tried the Multiface, do you know if it is possible on the Digi9652? Because if it is so, I assume it can be done on Multiface too.

    Last question: Digital sync. I have no wordclock in/out on my Pulsar2 where I\'ll be sending the output to through ADAT. Will my sync work fine without a dedicated wordclock, simply syncing to ADAT, or should I prepare to get a wordclock module for my Pulsar?


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    Re: RME Multiface/Digi9652

    re multiface routing: yes that works. you simply click on the input and then have all outputs in a list and can tick as many as you want (you could send one input to all available outputs too).

    re sync via adat: should not be a problem, you may want to download the multiface manual and read the sync part


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    Re: RME Multiface/Digi9652

    Thanks Markus! So there is a graphical mixer on all those RME cards? Funny they dont have any screenshots on their site, they just mention the \'TotalMix\' system.

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    Re: RME Multiface/Digi9652

    TotalMix(and thus the routing you described)is only available for the Hammerfall DSP interfaces (i.e. Digiface & Multiface), _NOT_ the Digi9652!!!! So you\'ll have to go with the Multiface/Digiface.

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    Re: RME Multiface/Digi9652

    A screenshot of TotalMix can be found here: http://www.rme-audio.de/english/techinfo/hdsp/tmsoft.htm

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    Re: RME Multiface/Digi9652

    Ahh cool! Thanks a lot! It doesn\'t look pretty, but as long as it works, who cares

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    Re: RME Multiface/Digi9652

    >>>It doesn\'t look pretty, but as long as it works, who cares

    You are right, it is ugly: the look is based on the Cubase-mixer

    -timo- (Logic user for about 5 years ;-)

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    Re: RME Multiface/Digi9652


    If you are running XP, be aware that RME does not have any GSIF XP drivers.

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    Re: RME Multiface/Digi9652

    >>>If you are running XP, be aware that RME does not have any GSIF XP drivers.

    According to RME (posting in their support-newsgroup) the GSIF-drivers for XP should be available this or next week.

    [This message has been edited by Timo Heil (edited 01-23-2002).]

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    Re: RME Multiface/Digi9652

    Yeah but that\'s ok. I run Win98 - tried XP but it doesn\'t seem to work with my Gina20. So I\'ll try again when the RME drivers are out.

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