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Topic: GigaStudio not seeting Pulsar's Midi "in"

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    GigaStudio not seeting Pulsar\'s Midi \"in\"

    Hi all...

    just moved GigaStudio off the sequencing computer to a freshly built machine...but GSt doesn\'t see the the keyboard\'s midi-in data when the keyboard is attached to Pulsar 1 or 2\'s midi \"in\" ports...

    GSt only sees the SoundBlaster midi-in when the keyboard is connected to it...

    Any tricks to getting GSt to recognize the Pulsar midi in\'s?? (BTW, GSt\'s \"hardware config\" shows the Pulsar midi \"in\'s\" which I have selected in that menu, when I\'m testing and GSt\'s keyboard and 1-2-3-4 port boxes, still don\'t light up red...?

    thx in advance for help...


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    Re: GigaStudio not seeting Pulsar\'s Midi \"in\"

    Make sure that in the Pulsar project, you have the \"MIDI Source Out\" be connected to the \"Sequencer MIDI Dest(x) In\", where x is 1,2,3 or 4. That\'s all.
    Ex: MIDI Source Out -> Sequencer MIDI Dest1

    BTW, You might need to re-launch the Giga. In the Giga setting and Hardware-Routing, you also need to enable MIDI-IN as well, don\'t forget to click APPLY.

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    Re: GigaStudio not seeting Pulsar\'s Midi \"in\"

    Thx LHong:

    Of course, I missed connecting to \"Sequence Midi destination\" (really dumb)

    although I had this connection for years already when Logic was on the same \'puter, now that I\'ve moved Puslar to a separate new 1.8 CPU etc..., it never occurred to me that GigaSt is a \"sequencer\" for this purpose...

    of course, that\'s all from Pulsar\'s viewpoint...

    So thx...you saved me USDx00 bucks on NOT buying a new midi in/out device for the new \'puter...


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