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Topic: Expression Pedal Recommendation

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    Expression Pedal Recommendation

    I need to buy an expression pedal for Stradivari 2. Every time I find a reasonably priced product, reviews by users claim that the particular product does not draw a smooth expression curve, or the pedal itself does not have a wide smooth range.

    Anyone have a recommendation of a good expression pedal for a Roland keyboard controller?

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    Re: Expression Pedal Recommendation

    I use the Fatar VP/26 and it works well for me (smooth, full range). It's the same one kurzweil and roland sold for quite awhile. If you get the kurzweil you'll have to flip the polarity around (I think) which just means, trading the two non-ground wires inside (soldier). They're usually about $30.


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    Re: Expression Pedal Recommendation

    I'm using two of these VP-26-U on my Elka Mk76.
    Definitely a good choice.


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    Re: Expression Pedal Recommendation

    Thanks for the recommendation. I ordered the Fatar pedal last night for $29.95.

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    Re: Expression Pedal Recommendation

    How can I tell which expression pedal will work with my keyboard? I have a Kawai MP4. ~ Eric

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    Re: Expression Pedal Recommendation

    Yeah, me to. I have a Peavey DPM C8p Controller keyboard. It is now out of production, so they aren't making volume/expression pedals anymore. Looked around, but didn't find any Peavey volume pedals.

    Was advised to use another volume pedal, but find out the value of the potentiometer of the Peavey and modify the new pedal accordingly.
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    Re: Expression Pedal Recommendation

    I Have an old ensoniq ts-10. Anyone know what, if any, pedal will work with it?

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    Re: Expression Pedal Recommendation

    I was given a Roland EV-5 expression pedal for christmas and it works great.

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    Re: Expression Pedal Recommendation

    I've got a dumb question: Is there a difference between what's called a volume pedal (like the Fatar) and an expression pedal? (At least as far the Strad is concerned.)
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    Re: Expression Pedal Recommendation

    As far as Strad goes, I don't think it makes a difference as long as the pedal is set to control cc#11 which is what expression pedals do. On my Kawai I set what the pedal controls. ~Eric

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