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Topic: RME Multiface or M-Audio1010 ?

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    RME Multiface or M-Audio1010 ?

    I\'m gonna have to choose one, please help me. Which one has better D/A conversion ?
    I\'m mostly interested in the sound quality between the two. thank-you in advance

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    Re: RME Multiface or M-Audio1010 ?

    Soundquality should be similar (AKM4528 ad/da\'s in the multiface). The hdsp+multiface allows for lower latencies, however there seems to be a problem with availability of those units in retail at the moment, and there is no gsif win2k implementation available yet (win2k driver for the hammerfall comes without gsif still), RME stated they\'d have that driver available in roughly 2 weeks.


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    Re: RME Multiface or M-Audio1010 ?


    What has better AD/DA converters Midiman Delta 1010 or the Aardvark Pro 24/96?


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