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Topic: Silent Strad - good news!

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    Silent Strad - good news!

    To all those suffering the "silent strad" syndrome, I think in a couple of days our suffering will be over. Giorgio Tommasini sent me a test nki file (only limited to spiccato articulation) that works perfectly. This mean to me that they have understood the problem and in a short time they will give us the working files. The nki are very small files so they can easily be posted for downloading...


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    Re: Silent Strad - good news!

    My rosin awaits!
    Bosco Adama

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    Talking Re: Silent Strad - good news!

    Perfect....Thanx alot roberto i hope the files will be ready this week to start finishing my work


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    Re: Silent Strad - good news!

    Hi oldbob!
    Thanks for your assistance with this. I will keep watching for the update. Its good that they believe us now and they are working on it.

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    Re: Silent Strad - good news!

    great oldbob,I hope our suffer will soon be over

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