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Topic: giga on notebook?

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    giga on notebook?

    i am new to the gigasphere, so i\'m sure this question has been dealt with before. what i was wondering is whether it would be possible to run GS on a notebook so i could take advantage of all those fabulous sounds while playing live. if so, what are the specs required, and any additional equipment. if this question has been dealt with before, i apologize. but would someone kindly point me to the thread.
    thanks so much

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    Re: giga on notebook?



    You\'ll have to Run Win 98 and make sure to have Direct sound drivers/complatability (NON WDM) if you dont plan on getting a GSIF compatable Audio interface. Pretty good ones I can think of are MotU 828 and Tascam 428.

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    Re: giga on notebook?

    you should check out RME\'s tech-info on notebooks for audio on http://www.rme-audio.com/

    Their Hammerfall DSP-System with the CardBus interface is also a very good solution for notebooks (probably the best at the moment?). GSIF drivers for W2K/XP should be availbale this month (currently only win9x)

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    Re: giga on notebook?

    What about Window ME on a laptop, as good as \'98?

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    Re: giga on notebook?

    I\'m going to weigh in here because I tried to set up my Dell notebook (Latitude C600) for Giga and/or recording. This machine was completely unusable for audio. It created some terrible interference noise in the audio signal -- both with the internal soundcard and with a pro-level audio card installed in the docking bay. I eventually narrowed the problem down to the Dell\'s video. I believe it would have been possible to use Giga\'s capture-to-wave without the noise, but all A/D and D/A was affected.

    I\'m sure my problems were specific to the Dell (and possibly even just the Latitude, from what I read in user forums). But you want to do some testing before you sink too much money into it.


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