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Topic: Need help with correct synth record signal chain

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    Need help with correct synth record signal chain

    Hi. I have always been unsure of this and I would like to clear it up. I am trying to figure out the right times to send these signals to get the best sound.

    I will be using:

    Dry Audio/Synth


    Compression via waves


    How does the signal chain go for that?

    For example

    Audio/Synth ---> EQ -----> Compression -----> Reverb lastly after all effects are done?

    Does eq come first? Is reverb always last? What if using chorus?

    Thanks. Always wondered.

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    Re: Need help with correct synth record signal chain

    Do you have an fx boxes as outside gear pluged in?

    what is the synth your using does it have an onboard fx(obviously it does if it's analog what synth doesn't have onboard fx LOL)

    Synth= add automation turn nobs play with filter cut off(depends on the sound you want, Play OSC etc...).

    Add some delay, send that to the reverb,

    Add eq if you want, sperate buss for compression, do light compression or heavey compression whatever does it for ya.

    Copy and past your synth audio file,
    send each audio file to a different fx and chop them up and put it back together.

    Add Ping Pong Delay, add reverb, control the fitler cutoff.

    Other stuff(there is to much to even mention)
    Automate by midi controller or draw in flanger fx, send the Flanger fx to a spectrual delay.

    Put a Gate fx on the end of your chain fx and automate the filter cut off and record that and use Arp on your synth.

    Add some chorus and make it spread out more in the stereo field.
    make it even wider and crazy'er take and copy three different versions paste
    them and then do different filter cutoffs on each one (better if you can controller the filter cutoffs) so one has highs, one has mids, and one has lows.
    Amazing for synth basses.

    There are no rules have fun experiment Remember that line there are no rules if it sounds good to you go with it! You might discover something that just sounds Kick !!!ss and that might be having the compressor first then all these other fx or maybe your just compressing the Highs on the Synth Line...
    just go with it!
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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    Re: Need help with correct synth record signal chain

    Your effects chain is pretty much a good starting point, particularly for acoustic. But as you can tell w/ the responses, things have changed over the years w/ the advent of synths,virtual synths and a plethora of processing choices.

    One tip- for synths try to at least do your eq within the synth.Save your puters processing power if that is your platform.Sometimes I leave the keyboards reverb on especially if it's a hardware keyboard like Korg. I've always thought Korg verbs sound good.

    Remember that there are more choices at the end. That is to say the Mastering process. Here Eq, compression and verb follow your chain for the most part. But synths- go nuts but don't spend too much time. One can get bogged down with all the processing choices.

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    Re: Need help with correct synth record signal chain

    Recently I've been messing around with putting the compressor first, adding reverb and eq to that and then the synth last. It's unconventional, but seriously, try it.

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    Re: Need help with correct synth record signal chain

    It's even more dynamic if you insert your finger into the ac plug first then hold onto the ac cord. Cutting edge stuff.

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