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Topic: Cubase + GS

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    Cubase + GS

    I have a GS / Cubase Setup w/ just a 1,2 Output card (Terratec ESS Solo).
    Is there a way to slide in some DirectX effects (as used w/ Cubase)before GS sends out the audio to my soundcard? Or is there a way to send back audio into a Cubase VST channel and then output it over the Cubase mixer?

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    Re: Cubase + GS

    U need Virtual Audio Cable it\' makes virtual rerouting the signal in VST input or another sequencer

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    Re: Cubase + GS

    Am I correct if I understand that by Virtual Audio Cable one can reroute the signal from GS to the sequencer, so that individual effects could be added to GS instruments ?.
    This seems at odd with the wishlist topic of David Abraham Fenton (posted on September 11th), where compatibility with GS drivers was indeed requested. Could you help clarify this issue and inform us about VAC availability as well.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Cubase + GS

    To Giorgio,

    found that thing on a shareware CD
    Apparently its filed under

    Cant get it working properly, though (stupid!). Check it and tell me if its doin the job and how to handle it. Thanks , Kod.

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    Re: Cubase + GS

    Hi Kodiak,
    Virtual Audio Cable Driver 1.0. This software was developed by E. Muzychenko and the corresponding thread apparently ended as of November 98. The site does not respond. I sent an e-mail, though. I\'ll let you know if I get news.
    Best regards,
    Giorgio --> giortomm@iol.it

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    Re: Cubase + GS

    At this point, VAC doesn’t support DirectX, so will not work with GS. They plan to do so in the feature.

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