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Topic: A/D D/A magic

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    A/D D/A magic

    hey guys
    i'm sure every1 must b using a sound card....but wut puts a newbie frm a pro is the quality conversion tht it does...so most of the newbies get hold of a good pair of monitors n stuff but due to poor conversion...they just can't get tht pro sheen n sparkle tht they wud kill for....m using layla 3G...but now i think its time to get sum serious converter....the best tht we hav on earth rite now is "Prism Sound" but its so freakingly expensive tht it starts frm $10,000.....the second option after tht is "Apogee"....Rosetta 200 or 800 is wut i plan to buy so is anyone out there using any of these????if yes than plz let me knw...

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    Re: A/D D/A magic

    Lynx Aurora hands down. every bit as good as apogee at less than 1/2 the cost. 16 ins/outs about $2600
    (not including cables or AES card, the aurora can also be used via Adat)


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