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Topic: hosting music...

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    hosting music...

    Hey everyone! I have a quick question about posting music. I want to be able to post my music in the "listening room" but I seem to be using the wrong hosting sites because no one seems to ever be able to reach my songs. What free upload sites are out there that would be the best to use and easiest to manage?

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    Re: hosting music...

    I love soundclick.com

    Simple and easy

    And nice VIP features too if you don't mind paying a small monthly fee.

    You can also get your own domain + hosting for $30-70 a year.

    But if you're looking for strickly free, I'd go with SoundClick.
    JP Garbarini

    "A man who is paid to do what he enjoys never works a day in his life." -- Chinese Proverb

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